Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hey fellow Christian, be like this, please?

Too often, the world sees Christians as judgmental jerks. Frankly, I know a lot of judgmental jerks that declare they are Christians and I would rather not have anything to do with them. To the rest of the world, this is what these Christians look like:
I know that God is both love and justice, but maybe it is time we emphasize God's love, and let God point out the sin in our lives and the lives of others. Ideally, it'd be more like this:
Why do Christians forget that God loves the lost? That Jesus "came to seek and to save the lost"? God loves the sinner, the broken, the prostitutes, the tax collector, the ones "we" despise. And do you know whom God does, in fact, judge harshly? The self-righteous, religious jerks. I'm a Christian, but sometimes I don't like other Christians, and wonder if they are Christian in name only.

Images from Tatsuya Ishida's Sinfest webcomic.

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  1. somtimes "christians" are very judgemental, becuse of this when somone asks me am i a christian i say no i am a Christ follower becuse i do not want to turn people off by the fact that tey will think i am judgmental.