Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oliver is OK

Oliver is going to be O.K.

After getting a different officer, Oliver was examined on Friday by the O.C. Animal Services. Like I said, the process was triggered automatically by the doctor's visit. We have to quarantine Oliver for 10 days, and then OCAS examines him again to make sure he does not have rabies. After that, he's free again.

The dad of the girl is moving today (Tuesday) and we moved Friday. The mom made no issue of it and the dad dropped it. The little girl (her name means Princess in Hebrew) even asked to pet Oliver again and is still very attracted to doggies, so that's good.

Oliver is adjusting from the move. I have since decided that I need to be a better dog owner, so I've begun reading up on dog ownership. It's not that we've been bad to him, but I think we can, and especially I can do a better job building his confidence so he'll be less likely to respond in fear when he is surprised.


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