Monday, February 23, 2009

Adobe Reader vulnable through March 2009

Adobe Acrobat Reader has a critical vulnerability that can cause the applications to crash and allow an attacker to control your system. All versions from 7 forward on all operating systems are suspected to be at risk. That means you.

This is happening right now, 'in the wild,' with reports of this vulnerability being used in attacks on computers. A fix for Adobe 9 will be ready March 11, 2009, and older versions of Adobe Reader will be patched later.

In other words, use an alternative PDF reader, at least for the intervening time. Both Sumatra PDF and FoxIt Reader are good alternatives for Windows users. I don't have suggestions for Mac or *NIX users (FoxIt does do Linux), sorry.

via Download Squad

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  1. Via Slashdot, a patch is available at PhishLabs and at VRT