Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rant: some people shouldn't be sysadmins

Argh. I just got off a client's system where their 'sysadmin' had messed things up so badly it took me 30 minutes to realized he had misconfigured up his DNS server, that his computers were part of a domain but all logging on locally, and the server and workstations were using two different sets of DNS servers even though he is running DHCP. None of it makes sense! And the users just want to do their jobs and go home.

It is soooo frustrating to fix other people's messes. And I know the guy is paid more than I am because he's the sysadmin for a large national vanline agent. *sigh* Where can I get a gig like that, where people overpay you and don't know you are out of your depth?

1 comment:

  1. uggg - we have a couple overpaid incometant people around here I would like to expose... hmmm if I get some of them booted you could take thier jobs Lee...