Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I am genuinely depressed tonight. I miss my father and I worry about providing for my mother. Her birthday is coming up this month and it will be her first without my dad in 38 years. It sucks that I cannot remember their anniversary -- I think I can find it in the paperwork I filed after he died.

I just realized that I don't have a completed SF-1174 to get my mother the last month's worth of my dad's pension.

Gah! My eye is twitching again.

I hope to write a letter to accompany the form and send it in, explaining what the correct answers are and hoping that whichever government employee who receives it will process it anyway. *sigh*


  1. If you guys want to come over tonight for a "hooray the dead beat tenant is gone and the place may actually sell" party, let me know. I'm sorry things are difficult. It sounds like you've hit the six month grief part. It will get better some day.

  2. They were married on June 14th,1972.