Thursday, May 08, 2008

And then, suddenly....

Things happen suddenly; usually it is bad things, but some things that happen suddenly are good. Actually, the worse of the bad things happen imperceptibly slowly. Anyway... Some sudden things happened to me today, two good, one bad.

First, I got a raise! After taxes, we're suddenly getting an extra $25 a week, but that's always nice.

Second, I was planning a new VOIP system at church for the eventual demise of our current phone and voice mail systems. Suddenly, today it died completely, but our phone tech had a mortgage company go belly-up and is re-selling us that system for 1/3 of what I was budgeting for. I hope we get new phones, too... I'll find out more tomorrow. So, that's maybe a good suddenly.

And finally, the owner of a company that I hear from often died last night of a hear attack; he was only 58. I can remember how his voice sounds over the phone. He was a nice man, and suddenly I'll never help him fix a computer problem again. OK, this didn't happen to me, but it was still so... sudden.


  1. is it a good thing that the man you used to help died? You list it with all of the other good things...
    And hooray for new phones!!! Now Danny won't buzz Justin when he's checking his voice mail!

  2. OK, to clarify... the man's passing was one of the bad things. It was unexpected, though, because of the good/mixed suddenly's I had gotten earlier.

  3. Well hopefully the man knew Christ (in which case it was a good thing) yahoo for ip phones and double yahoo for raises!