Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So, what's with the cops?

Every day, when I get off work, I expect a call from my wife. We both get out of work at 5 PM, so one of us will call the other. This Friday, Cathy went home and her phone was on "buzz." Instead, my neighbors called to tell me the cops were at the apartments.

As it turns out, my mother-in-law (Rhonda) had slapped her ex-boyfriend (let's call him Guy#1, who is also my tenant in #3) and he called the cops. They were dating, but broke up during the week I was in Taiwan; it wasn't a tidy breakup. The breakup was over another man who was attempting to court Rhonda. Apparently, Rhonda used Guy#1's computer, and someone either Guy#1 or his daughter read some correspondence with Guy#2, and things fell apart from there.

The reason Rhonda slapped him, however, was because somebody (don't know who) wrote to Guy#2 and told him some lies about Rhonda. Guy#2 stops writing Rhonda, she finds out why, and she slaps Guy#1 as he gets out of the car; she slaps him hard. He, in response, shoves her on her butt and calls the cops.

Anyway, nobody pressed charges, but things have been tense around the apartments. *sigh* My life is a soap opera.


  1. Hmmmm...drama drama drama. It makes me feel like I never left high school! At least, for a change, it's someone else's drama!
    Sorry. How are things other than that?

  2. Meh. The gas bill is triple what it was last month. Just the next thing, I suppose.

    Life's certainly never boring, although it is kinda tiring.