Thursday, October 04, 2007

Day 7 Without My Wife

It has been 7 full days without my wife at home. Cathy left last Thursday morning (arrived last Saturday evening) and we have been fending for ourselves, the furkids and I. *sigh*... I miss my wife.

The kitties miss Cathy a great deal. Boaz, in fact, even seems depressed; he's quite subdued and doesn't play anymore. Boaz even threw up a couple of times, so Cathy's mom took him to the vet for me (nothing they could find). *sigh*

I'm finding it difficult to stay motivated. You would think that, with the alone time, I would get much done, but I feel less productive than when Cathy is with me. Perhaps it is because I have to take care of the house and furkids, and perhaps it is the busyness, but I think I am simply "blue."

I have been keeping the kitchen neat, but my desk is starting to look messy. I need to get ahead on my homework for the three class periods I will be missing; I may also prepare a few Bible studies, in case I have opportunity to teach while in Georgia.

Food and clean clothing will be running out soon, so I'll actually have to fend, truly, for myself. It is such a wonderful thing Cathy does for me, the way she takes care of me so I can concern myself only with work, study, and ministry. *sigh*... I miss her.

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