Saturday, September 16, 2006

Kitten Update: New Kittens

Yes, that's right, new kittens. Cathy brought home two kittens that look like they have some Russian Blue in them. These are less than a week old (ambilical still attached), and the teenage girls that brought them in think 4-days old.

They were quite weak and severely dehydrated, but we are hoping for the best!

UPDATE: I am sorry to say that the girl kitten died Sunday, about 3PM. The boy (we've named him Boaz) is still fussing and fighting, so that is a good sign, I think.


  1. OHHHH!! I'm so glad you guys have new "babies"!! I'll look forward to watching them grow.

  2. It's OK about the girl (named her Ruth, actually); she's off to a better place, and we'll see her at the new heaven and new earth.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about Ruth. It's really difficult to save new borns when they aren't in the best shape when you get them. But at least she got help from someone with a lot experience and a lot of love. How is Boaz doing?

  4. Yes... it was sad that Ruth did not bounce back like Boaz did this weekend. But as Cathy and I talked about it, we figured that it was better that she was warm, fed, and loved when she died.

    Besides, since I truly believe she will be raised to live happily in the new heavens and the new earth (the same hope Cathy & I have), it isn't too painful.

  5. I feel like crying everytime I hear about a cat/kitten dying. =( Seriouly, it's just heartbreaking. Actually, I cried about the Vito story too, I think I', too sensitive