Tuesday, February 14, 2006

People Get Paid as Pastors!

People actually get paid to do the ministries I am involved in!
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It seemed like a "duh" to Cathy, but I was stuck by the fact that people get paid for full-time ministry work. The associate pastor I'm meeting, Justin, actually has an office and a full-time job as a pastor. I'm so accustomed to performing various spiritual and technical functions for free that I forgot people get paid for such things.

That may seem weird coming from a man who intends to make his living from ministry to the church... but I honestly forgot. It occurs to me that, one day, I may actually switch occupations, not just become more trained to do what is in my heart to do. I was even planning on working 40 hours a week at my current job, and still try to pastor at a church.

Of course, any career change is far in the future... but it is a curious sensation, realizing I could make ends meet just doing the ministry. Wow.

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