Friday, November 18, 2005

Truck On Fire

This is a delivery truck I saw, on fire, coming home from work on Thursday. The driver had just pulled over between the 91 & 55 exchange at 4:03 P.M. PST.

I saw following the 91 and kept smelling something funny... I made a note to check my car when I got home. Then I saw a lot of white smoke coming from this delivery truck. My thouhgts went like this:

"Boy, he's got some engine problems."
"That's a LOT of smoke..."
"Hey, is that fire? That wasn't there before..."
"Oh crud, he's gotta pull over! Everybody is getting outta the way..."
"Oh, hey... camera!"

I saw the driver jump out of the truck after I passed him. Young black kid, must of been barely 20 or so, looking scared and backing away from the truck. I called *911 and was told they had already dispatched a fire truck for the truck fire. I suppose he'll be OK, since Yahoo Maps shows no traffic problems in the area...

Truck On Fire - click to enlarge


  1. is pretty COOL! How do you do those little boxes with the pop-ups? That's a nifty trick!

    We miss you and your lovely wife at church. :o( How is she doing?

  2. Ah... in Flickr, those boxes are called "notes"... you just add a note and a box appears that you can position and resize.

  3. Cathy's new shot is affecting her differently... she gets real sick for the weekend but feels closer to normal almost by Tuesday afternoon. She is thinking about going back to the other shots, as we've missed church, like, three straight weeks now?

    *sigh*... she appreciates the comments and prayers, and so do I.