Wednesday, February 02, 2005

School, Remodeling, and

It looks like I'll be able to register for one class, anyway. My academic advisor has advised me that he apparently overstepped his authority when he arranged my schedule. So, last semester (at least) may simply have been lost time. Not that I did not learn quite a bit on group interaction and leadership in organizations (which came in handy several times), but it does not exactly advance me towards my master's degree. Ah, well... *sigh*

I have all the bottom cabinets in now, and I am looking into preformed countertops. I can probably do that myself. We'll see... frankly, there does not appear to be anything that you cannot do with a lot of patience, some reading and a little courage.

I'm considering switching to Google's It has email blog posting and audio blog posting capabilities, which would make posting on the road much easier. It also was Picasa on the "pro" side. The only "con" factors is the lack of categories for posts and the fact that I would have to copy my blog over by hand. That wouldn't be too big a deal, and a final post here to redirect friends and family would not be too difficult.

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